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J.K.Glasses is one of the best Safety Glass manufacturer producing best quality Bullet Resistant Glasses etc for a long time now.
J.K Glass ERP is an ERP software allowing to maintain all the processes relating to the glass processing.
"The Advocate" is a law related portal providing the functionality to the aid of the advocates built using ASP.Net.
CRA is a Banking software which have been implemented using ASP.Net Framework, SQL Server 2008, Javascript and HTML.
This platform focuses on safe streets and schools as a paramount to advancing quality education, across America.
This marketplace connects designers with potential clients, facilitating design projects across various domains.
An independent software solutions company partnering with us to help businesses thrive by offering strategic support & collaborative efforts.
Alfa-IT Outsourcing our partners for IT staffing solutions and legacy modernization. Together we work to shape digital future.
"Go-to" marketplace for vehicle van shelving & trade organization. We implemented the platform using PHP, JS, HTML, CSS & Liquid Coding.
Torgau, a town of reformation & Renaissance. Famous homeopath, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, wrote the distinctive parts of his work here.
The InterLogics professional Content Management System provides the structured design of your web content.
The InterLogics professional Content Management System provides the structured design of your web content.
Zett is an online shopping portal ranging from clothing to footwears. The portal has been built using OXID CMS.
For a lot of people, the dental visit is still nerve-wracking, so they endeavoured to make a stylish, welcoming atmosphere.
This is a Real Estate Reselling and Renting Portal implemented using ASP.Net, C#, HTML, Access Database.
OMS abbreviated for Office Management System has been implemented in ASP.Net, Entity Framework & SQL Server 2008.
Inspired Physics Portal is an australian education portal relating to online classes and tutorials built using silverlight.
Link Chime AG is a very interactive online shopping portal which have been built sing the OXID CMS for PHP.
The Dokmee is a DMS abbreviated for Document Managment System implemented using the technology "Silverlight".
The coach & Horses is a food restaurant website build using ASP.net with a crisp design and metro style layout and functionality.
Content4Work is a Document Managment System which has been developed and implemented in VB.Net and SQL Server 2008.
WLCI is one of the largest professional training institutions in the country today with campuses over 10 cities in the country.
Mentor 24X7 is an online education portal enabling the user for online learning and tutorials built in ASP.Net and SQL Server 2008.
Outsourcing4Work offers expert IT outsourcing solutions connecting businesses with skilled offshore professionals for cost-effective projects and workforce expansion.